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$38,000,000.00 settlement

Junior exploration company recovered settlement of $10,000,000 cash plus mineral production royalty with net present value of $28,000,000 (as estimated by our client) from international mining company as a result of mining property dispute

$13,500,000 settlement

Plaintiff obtained settlement of $13,500,000 for alleged violations of civil rights in connection with real estate development and eminent domain action.

$3,200,000 verdict

Sixty two-year-old long haul truck driver slipped and fell in a truck wash located in truck stop in Sparks, Nevada suffering severely comminuted open fracture of left femur.

$2,650,000 settlement

Mother and two minor children obtained settlement of $2,650,000 from public utility for wrongful death of husband/father caused by negligent maintenance of high voltage power lines.

$1,150,000 verdict

Eighteen-year-old boy suffered extensive third degree burns as a result of public utilities' failure to warn and failure to maintain high-voltage power lines.

$1,000,000 settlement

Policy limits settlement for 26-year-old woman who suffered severely fractured heel and ankle in head-on collision near Lake Tahoe.

$800,000 settlement

California motorcyclist obtained $800,000 from national trucking company for un-operated lumbar disc injuries and future shoulder surgery.

$725,000 settlement

Parents of 31-year-old unmarried adult child obtained settlement of $725,000 against national trucking company for wrongful death of their son in California trucking accident.

$687,500 settlement

Mother of 46-year-old unmarried adult child recovered 50% of a settlement in the amount of $687,500.00 against trucking company for wrongful death of her son resulting from a motorcycle/truck collision.

$550,000 settlement

Twenty-six-year-old man suffered herniated lumbar discs in slip and fall accident in hotel bath room.

$500,000 settlement

Policy limits settlement for motorcyclist against homeowner whose unrestrained dog collided with motorcycle resulting in motorcyclist’s severely fractured leg.

$500,000 settlement

Seventy-six-year-old woman tripped and fell over raised concrete lip in parking lot and suffered fractured hip.

$500,000 settlement

Thirty-nine-year-old iron worker suffered dislocated shoulder and labral tear when false work collapsed on California construction site involving construction of pier.

$470,000 settlement

Plaintiff suffered aggravation of pre-existing cervical condition when Defendant’s vehicle ran red light and collided with Plaintiff’s vehicle.

$325,000 settlement

Forty-six-year-old woman tripped and fell over exposed rebar in parking lot resulting from broken parking stop. Plaintiff suffered shoulder labral tear which required surgical intervention.

$310,000 settlement

Eight-year-old boy suffered fractured femur without surgical or other complications when driver of SUV distracted by cell phone use slammed into rear end of vehicle stopped for red light.

$300,000 settlement

Eighty-one-year-old woman tripped and fell over ripped carpet in casino suffering a fractured hip.

$300,000 settlement

Policy limits settlement for fifty-year-old female driver who suffered un-operated cervical disc injuries as a result of a rear end automobile collision.

$290,000 settlement

Eighty-year-old woman tripped and fell on defective stairway suffering a fractured hip.

$250,000 settlement

Policy limits settlement for a female driver who suffered a herniated cervical disc when the Defendant driver made a right turn from the left lane of a busy four-lane city street and collided with Plaintiff’s vehicle traveling in the right lane.

$180,000 verdict and judgment

Female Plaintiff obtained verdict and judgment of $180,000 for sexual harassment against national telemarketing employer.


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