bishop cotton

bishop cotton

Bishop John L. Cotton, a member of the renowned Cotton Brothers Gospel Singers, was born and raised in Macon, Georgia. He completed his formal education in Macon also. Bishop Cotton's parents, the late Mr. Floyd and Mrs. Helen Cotton, were Godly parents who, in their children's formative years, instilled in them a love and reverent fear of the Lord.

In 1960, Bishop Cotton was called by God to preach the Gospel and he began preaching in Holyoke, Massachusetts, where he resided at the time.

Relocating to Macon in 1964, he returned to his home church, Aberlina Baptist, where he continued in the ministry. Bishop Cotton states that being called to preach was a momentous occasion and God taught him all that he needed to know. Having no one, apart from God, to mentor him in the Gospel, he has always had a very close relationship with God. He further states that God continues to instruct him and deal with him in the most amazing ways and that during some of his most difficult times, God has not once failed to deliver, even in apparent hopeless situations.

A strong man who has strong faith in God, Bishop Cotton often testifies how God healed him of a stroke at the base of his brain and how God miraculously healed his eyes by closing a hole overnight that had been burned by lye which had blown up in his face. These and myriad testimonies attest to his strong faith in God and have inspired many people to believe God in the face of strong opposition by the enemy.

In 1970, Bishop Cotton was serving as an Elder when he was appointed pastor of the St. Matthew Overcoming Church which later became Greater Overcoming Church of God, Inc. Under his leadership, the ministry expanded and encompasses churches in the United States and in Burl, Germany.

In July 1985, Bishop Cotton was elevated to the position of Senior Bishop of the Overcoming Churches of God worldwide, signifying his reputation as a strong leader and a man of faith, compassion and commitment among his peers. He has earned many awards and proclamations in recognition of his tireless service to his church and to the community.

Bishop John L. Cotton is married to Evangelist Geraldine Cotton and they are the parents of eight children and numerous grandchildren.

Bishop Cotton humbly declares, "Beyond all of the natural and physical blessings, I'm grateful for what God has done and is doing spiritually right here at home. We are in God's Big Move and we've seen God move in great and powerful ways. We've seen God regulate minds, bind up broken hearts, heal wounded spirits, mend together shattered nerves, save and deliver souls and, above all, fill many with the blessed gift of the Holy Spirit!!"

Power in the name of Jesus

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