Floorco Flooring is open to trade professionals. If you are a builder, contractor, flooring installer, renovator, remodeler, decorator or designer, we would like you to be our partner in offering the best flooring choice at the best value to your clients and customers. Real estate professionals, property managers, owners, churches and non-profits are also welcome to partner with Floorco Flooring.

Floorco Flooring FAQ

Q. Can I bring my clients to visit the showroom at any time?
A. Yes, during normal business hours and after-hour access may be available. Contact our showroom for more details.

Q. Do I always have to accompany my client?
A. No, we will provide you with a supply of guest cards that you can give to your clients. This allows them immediate access to our showroom without you.

Q. Can samples be taken from Floorco’s showroom?
A. Yes, for up to 48 hours.