What is the Policy for dispensing medicine?
Our staff will administer medication under the following conditions: A form must be completed and signed giving us authorization to give the child medication. Only a parent or court-appointed guardian can give this authorization.

Any medication left at the center must be in the original container, have the child's name, prescription number and attending physician's name. No medication will be administered under any circumstances, from an unlabeled container. The same applies for over-the-counter medication authorized by a parent.

What happens if a child gets sick?
We are a "well-child" center and if a child is sick, they should not be left here at the center. We realize that it is difficult for working parents to deal with sick children, however, you must consider how other parents and children will be affected if we allow a sick child to be in the center. If we determine a child to exhibit any of the following symptoms, we will consider them to be sick.

  • Fever of 99.6 or more
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Dizziness
  • Unexplained rash
  • Discolored mucus
  • Ear ache
  • Pink eye

If we determine a child to be sick while they are at the center, we will remove them from the other children and call the parents immediately.

The symptoms above are a general guide for our staff, however, they are not all-inclusive. We reserve the final judgment as to whether a child should or should not be in the center.

If a child is sent home from the center sick or placed on antibiotics by their doctor, they may not return to the center for a minimum of 24 hours.

Please remember that these rules are for the health and safety of all of the children.

What happens if my child needs first aid?
Most of our staff members are trained in first aid. If a child is injured, we will administer first aid to the best of our ability. If we decide that it is necessary for emergency medical attention, we will seek that attention and notify the parents immediately.

What types of meals are prepared?
It is the policy of Childworld to provide wholesome and nourishing food for our children. We will provide breakfast, lunch, and an afternoon snack. We do not ration food and allow the children to eat as much as they want within reason. We try to serve foods that most of today's children will eat, while trying to maintain some balance. We will encourage children to eat, but will not push the issue. We will report to you how your child ate during the day.

What is your policy for unruly children?
At Childworld, we will attempt to teach the children acceptable behavior by example and positive reinforcement. It is our policy to correct negative behavior by addressing the behavior without attacking the child’s person. Verbal requests and time outs are the only approved methods of correcting negative behavior at Childworld. If a child’s behavior can not be corrected using these means, we will involve the parents in assisting us. It is very important that parents help the staff when necessary in the disciplining of children.

Usually time out will involve 1 to 5 minutes. If the behavior persists, we will increase the amount of time. In some instances, time out may consist of an entire recess period or exclusion from a field trip. If we have to resort to this, we will notify the parents. In the unlikely event that a child's behavior can not be controlled by any of the above methods, they will be removed from the center.

Under no circumstances will a staff member use any type of corporal punishment. To do so would result in immediate dismissal.

What is your security policy?

This policy has been adopted for the safety of the children and will be strictly adhered to. When you enroll your child(ren) in the center, we will take the names of the persons authorized to pick up the child(ren). If a staff member does not know the person picking up a child, they will either refer to another staff member who does know or they will go to the child's enrollment form and ask for Identification.

Children are to be signed in and out via the computer and dropped off in the classroom or on the playground with the child's teacher. Note that any person you have listed on the enrollment form can pick up the child(ren). We will ID them, but will not check to see if you sent them to pick up the child. This will change only if you remove the name of the person and notify the appropriate staff members.

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