URGENT!!  NPGA filing FTC complaint against THRIFTY PROPANE

The National Propane Gas Association (NPGA) will soon be filing a formal complaint with the Federal Trade Commission against Thrifty Propane, Medina, Ohio (formerly bankrupt Level Propane), for advertising it claims is patently deceptive and in violation of federal and Ohio consumer protection laws.

The Ohio-based company says on its Web site and in direct mail promotions that it sells cleaner fuel than its competitors. It claims most Midwestern propane marketers don't purchase product from regulated pipelines, but instead offer "refinery slop." Thrifty claims competitors' products produce "a weak, mottled flame that hangs on to a stew of refinery by-products, with little or no propane in the mix".

Other claims that will be challenged include statements implying significant health hazards associated with chemicals in propane, such as olefin, which is false, says NPGA. The association explains that the olefin in propane is propylene, and information provided through the Carcinogenic Potency Project at the University of California-Berkeley shows propylene is not a carcinogenic substance. In addition, the material safety data sheet (MSDS) for propylene lists it as non-carcinogenic.

Thrifty also claims to sell HD-5 propane which they guarantee is olefin-free. This is misleading because HD-5 propane is allowed to contain up to 5% propylene.

NPGA sent letters in 2006 and 2008 to company officers demanding it cease. NPGA also challenged Thrifty's "Truth in Pricing" claims that: (a) it is the only seller in Ohio counties that sells cleaner burning, pure HD5-grade propane, and (b) that federal regulations require propane to be 90% pure. Both claims are false. As of March 2010, Thrifty had not responded to the NPGA or complied with its requests.

Apollo Propane Inc. supports the effort of the NPGA in its' fight against deceptive advertising. Apollo has never purchased, stored or sold anything other than HD-5 propane from the Texas Eastern Pipeline for its customers!




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