What should I do if I smell gas?

Please see our safety page of this website.

Where is my percent gauge located and how do I read it?

The percent full gauge is located under the lid of the tank. It is NOT attached to the valve assembly (pressure gauge). The percent gauge dial is bolted to the barrel of the tank and is usually calibrated in increments of 10. If the needle points to the number 40, for example, this means your tank is approximately 40% full. These gauges are not intended to show exact amounts of gallons but approximate percentages only.

Where does propane come from?

Propane is a liquefied petroleum gas that is refined from raw crude oil and raw natural gas. Propane does not occur naturally. After it is refined, it is most often utilized as a gas while being delivered and stored under pressure as a liquid. For more information about propane go to http://www.propane101.com/aboutpropane.htm

Why is there such a difference in prices among propane companies?

Unlike protected monopolies in the electricity and natural gas markets, the propane industry is NOT controlled or regulated by the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO). Each retailer must set their own prices which is affected by numerous factors including the quality of propane, the quality of their staff and personnel training, the cost of delivery trucks and storage facilities, the level of service promised to customers, adherence to government safety regulations, special promotions and competitive pressures. While we all strive to get the best price we can, "cheapest" is not always the best when it comes to providing for your family's safety and comfort.

If I move, will I get a refund for gas in the tank?

Like most propane companies we do not usually issue refunds for propane delivered on auto-fill or will-call programs. If you are thinking of selling your house or anticipate a move for any reason, just give us a call and we will coordinate with you on deliveries to avoid leaving any substantial amount of propane in the tank when you leave.

Can I get a partial fill in my tank?

In order to keep costs and prices down as much as possible, we have had to develop minimum fill policies. Normally, we can not partially fill any tank smaller than 500 gallons in size. Our minimum fill for a nearly empty tank is 300 gallons for a 500 and 600 gallons for a 1000. Unfortunately it is too costly to drive around our service area and partially fill tanks, as this inevitably creates extra trips over the course of a year. While there are always exceptions to this policy, we would rather fill your tank and work with you on payments as a better alternative.

 How long will my underground tank last?

Modern underground propane storage tanks are manufactured to very strict standards with the newest types of corrosion resistant coatings. If buried to code with non-abrasive backfill and proper anode corrosion protection, these tanks will last almost indefinitely. These safeguards along with proper tank location and valve maintenance will provide trouble free service for decades.

Where can I put a propane tank at my house?

Any tank 124 gallons or smaller can be set up against a house or building with some restrictions. Any tank larger than 124 gallons must be at least 10 feet away from any structures and any property lines. These tanks need to be approximately 100 feet from the driveway for on-site refilling. If you are not sure what you can do at your location, Apollo will be happy to send a representative to offer some alternatives.

How does the price of propane compare with electricity?

Even with the increased cost of all energy products over the last few years, propane continues to be an exceptional bargain over electricity. This may not be apparent to some people because you are only billed for the electricity you use each month versus propane, where you really pay ahead when you have your tank filled. Propane has consistently averaged a 30% savings over electricity when it comes to heating your home. Visit these two websites for more information on cost comparisons and to do your own energy cost calculation! www.usepropane.com/why/value    www.usepropane.com/esc

Do you supply cages for my propane forklift cylinders?

Yes, we offer a wide selection of cage sizes and configurations to fit your business needs. We have secure, industry approved cages available for loan, rent or sale depending on your needs and circumstances. Call us today for more details on this and our cylinder delivery service!

Do you rent heaters and hose for my construction project?

Yes we do. Visit our Construction Heating page on this website under Products/Services. We offer full turnkey construction heating services. Along with propane we have a large selection of tanks,heaters, hose, regulators, fans and fittings for any application. Put our 40 years of temporary heating experience to work for you this winter.

Do you fill grill tanks at your plant?

Yes we do. Bring your grill tank in for a fill and avoid the high prices and partially filled tanks at the local exchange cages around town. We can fill any size cylinder at our plant as well as campers and motor homes. Check our hours and stop in soon for a refill.







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