Q: How often should my house be treated for termites?


A: Most likely, you should have your home inspected annually, following instructions of a responsible professional in your area.

Q: If treatment is done correctly, how long will an insecticide barrier be effective?


A: The termiticides used today for termite control are much less persistent in the environment than the older chemicals. When a termite treatment is properly applied, it should protect your home for approximately five years.



Q: Are white ants the same as termites?


A: No. Ants are in no relation to termites, and in fact, there is no such thing as a white ant. Termites have been incorrectly referred to as white ants purely by the color of their bodies and their similarity in appearance to ants.



Q: Do flying roaches make buzzing sounds?


A: The flapping of a roach’s wings could be responsible for the noise you hear. The two most common flying roaches are the American Cockroach and the Smoky Brown Cockroach.



Q: Do carpenter ants eat wood?


A: No. Carpenter ants do not eat wood; however, they will tunnel into wood (often soft, decaying wood) to make their nests.


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